mariah anne johnson

Selected Recent Work

Watermelon Bagatelle. 6:03. 2022. A visual, aural, and tactile meditation on the artist’s son’s daily piano practice, and the accumulation of layers of these sensory experiences. A continuation of themes explored in earlier videos Rehearsal and Practice, Practice.

Talk to the Sea. 5:04. 2022. Video project created while exploring some of Lisbon’s many puddles, fountains, and sounds. Made during artist residency at Zaratan Arte Contemporânea.

Listen to the Sky. 2:21. 2022. Video artwork featuring common swifts in flight over Lisbon and Coimbra, Portugal.

A Logic of Space and Time. 6:15. 2022. Video artwork exploring the conflicts and resonances of different modes of time keeping.

Zaratan Baseboard Movement. 1:18. 2022. Physical exploration of studio space created while in residence at Zaratan Arte Contemporânea.

Confluence. 2022. Site specific installation made from bed sheets. Created in response to the architecture and context of the Bendix Building, downtown Los Angeles, as part of Infrastructure Lovers at Monte Vista Projects.

large work on paper

Rehearsal. 2:29. 2021. Video response to the artist’s experience of listening to her son’s piano practice every day and the accumulation of layers of sensory experience.

Practice Practice (Actions Between the Columns). 9:00. 2021. Suite of performance art works created in response to columns in the artist’s studio and her son’s piano practice.

7 Habitat Actions. 5:49. 2020. Documentation video of site specific actions made in response to the artist’s home during the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic lockdown period in Los Angeles, California.

Links to ongoing, multi-media projects: