Riddergade AiR / Viborg, Denmark / 2016

Mariah participated in Viborg Kunsthal’s Riddergade AIR program during June, 2016. ¬†Following is a collection of impressions and work from this time.

Rolling and tumbling.

Stones from the last Ice Age,

Set in sand.

Some are steadfast,

Others shift under my fingers.

I mark them with a pink X.

In Viborg, we walked upon the stones as pilgrims, as seekers, looking for a new thing, looking for the truth.

We looked up through the leaves of the great plane tree. We gazed out across the two seas, coming into one. We danced through secret tunnels of leaves. We felt the stones beneath our feet. And the skeletons beside them rumbled. They said, “Oh woe betide thee, traveller who leaves too soon.”

We heard the bells ringing, every quarter hour. We heard them singing, but not for us. For time.