AADK / Blanca, Spain / 2019

During her residency at AADK Spain, Mariah has been using her body to explore the topography of her immediate surroundings by crawling into, climbing upon, and fitting into the varied crevices and surfaces of rocks and natural walls surrounding the art centre and Blanca. She has recorded her process, for one work filming her performance from 8:30 to 9:00 every morning. This consistent, repetitive act, creating episodes of increased awareness of her environment, is a form of meditation that also manifests in her drawings of patterns. These drawings are a collection of colours and marks she has noticed and filtered in Blanca, a practice she has been executing daily, in various cities and environments before this residency as well. Her works express a contemplative serenity, of an unadulterated curiosity towards space, time, and the abilities of her own body.

-Selin Genc, June 2019, Centro Negra / AADK Spain, Blanca, Murcia, Spain

Blanca Sketchbook

Blanca Patterns

Hand Holds

Works on Paper

Each of these small works on paper is a two-sided collage, created with watercolor, pencil, marker, and the patterns and palette of Blanca.

Works on Paper Installation, Open Studio Exhibition